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Category : スポンサー広告
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DJ Hazey 82 - Home Brew Mash Ups

Category : HipHop / Rap
 photo 3996953820-1_zps7d62f521.jpg

01.Dedicated To (over Side Effekt - Stay True)
02.Benefit (over Ahmad - Back In The Day)
03.Yellow Snot Funk (over Blue Scholars - Opening Salvo)
04.Everybody (over Nujabes - Shades of Nostalgia)
05.Last Day (over Funky DL - Still Fakin Jax)
06.Time Don't Wait (over Incise - Intermission)
07.Basketball Court (over Nomak - Heartful Memories)
08.Radio (over SoulChef - California)
09.Dark Intro (over ST/MIC - Crystal Silence)
10.State of Mind (over Dela - Yuki La Neige)
11.Plastic Magic (over Kno - La Petite Mort)
12.Truth is Ugly (over Vanilla - This Time)
13.Listen To Us (over Elyon Beats - Wienersnitzel Coupon)
14.Bourbon & Coke (over Thomas Prime - Wishing You Well)
15.Space (over Karamel Kel - Over The Sky)

Posted by KEN on 19.2013