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Category : スポンサー広告
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Sadistik - Flowers For My Father

Category : HipHop / Rap
 photo Sadistik_zps58091102.jpg

01. Petrichor [produced by Kid Called Computer]
02. Russian Roulette (feat. Cage & Yes Alexander) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]
03. City in Amber (feat. Lotte Kestner) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]
04. Snow White [produced by Raised by Wolves]
05. The Beast [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]
06. Kill the King (feat. Deacon the Villain) [produced by Kno]
07. Song for the End of the World [produced by Raised by Wolves & Eric G.]
08. Palmreader (feat. Child Actor) [produced by Eric G.]
09. Micheal [produced by Eric G.]
10. Seven Devils [produced by Andreikelos]
11. Exit Theme (feat. Astronautalis & Lotte Kestner) [produced by Eric G.]
12. Melancholia [produced by Eric G.]
13. A Long Winter (feat. Ceschi) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

Posted by KEN on 20.2013